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Espresso Equipment - Anfim Super Caimano 75 With Titanium Blades

The Super Caimano 75 Standard by Anfim in Milan Italy is a 75mm flat blade commercial burr grinder. Built to the highest quality, steady and solid through 50 years of manufacturing experience.

It operates and grinds at a low revolution speed of 800 rpm, which means it is super quiet and allows the grinder to maintain a cooler temperature while under maximum demand.

The Super Caimano 75 Standard produces a very consistent particle size grind allowing a desired and consistent flow rate for achieving great espresso. An available option of titanium blades will maintain a sharp edge for blade longevity up to 3000 kg of coffee.

Features include:

• The lever and doser mechanism actions are particularly smooth and quiet and will deliver a vertical drop of ground coffee into the group handle below, unlike some brands that throw the delivery of ground coffee sidewards partially missing the positioned group handle below.

• The Anfim Super Caimano 75 Standard model has gained wide support and acceptance as the grinder of choice now used by many of the world’s best baristas when competing in their own national barista competitions or representing their country at international competitions.

• The Anfim Super Caimano 75 Standard delivers an extraction and cup quality espresso that is MEETING the EXPECTATIONS of many national and world champion baristas whether in a busy espresso bar or in a competition environment.           

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