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Frequently Asked Questions

What is green coffee?

Green coffee is simply a coffee bean that has not yet been roasted.  Essentially it is 'raw' (uncooked) product.  It is typically not consumed in this form.  Colours range for 'green' coffee beans from greyish, pale green, beige, even brown depending on the origin of the bean and how it has been processed.

What does 'Single Origin' mean?

We use the word 'origin' to refer to the place where the bean was grown - where it originated.    A Single Origin coffee will consist of only one type of bean from one country (Brazil for example). It may contain beans from several farms in the region, homogenised together.  Estate coffees are more specific again, coming from only one plantation (Estate) in one country - for example Brazil Cerrado Daterra refers to the country of origin (Brazil) and the Estate it came from ('Daterra Estate').  Beans selected to be sold as Single Origin coffees will typically have a reasonably balanced and pleasing taste in their own right.

What is a  coffee blend and why would you blend?

Most coffees are blends - two or more coffees from different places blended together to create a coffee which is usually then named - for example, our Sublime Blend. The purpose of blending is to bring out the best features of each coffee component in the blend to produce a final product that is more rounded or balanced. For example, you might take a coffee with no after taste and blend it with one with a great lingering flavour to create a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. 

Where should I store my coffee?

We recommend storing coffee in an airtight container, or re-sealed coffee bag in the pantry, shelf or cupboard.  As long as the product is not in sunlight or the open air it should maintain freshness well.  We don't recommend the fridge as we feel that condensation collects on the beans which then  encourages staleness.